Wake Up Call - Australia


Call cost $2.59, higher from mobile phone and payphone, Phone Aust.


Australia's Premium

Positive, Personal Wake Up Call Service.



 We are a Perth based company and we provide a positive, personal wake up call service.


***To ENSURE a successful wake up and reminder call, PLEASE READ the following instructions CAREFULLY!*** 

Step 1

  First click here: - PAY HERE 

(We use PayPal)


Step 2.

Then click here: - BOOK HERE 

***These pages open in two SEPARATE Tabs. (Look to the very top left hand corner of your screen, there you will see the page Tabs.) Please fill out and submit BOTH pages to ensure your booking/s.***


A live, friendly operator will return your booking call at your requested time. 


 We also offer Message Pass

This service gives you the opportunity to pass on a message when you just cannot, for whatever reason...



Available 24/7, 366 Days.

$2.57 AUD per call/booking (inc. GST).

We use PayPal.


Photo by Jay Millard


 Whenever you want.


 For an alternative wake up call booking, please call:



1900 925 387  

 This 1900WAKEUP call service is charged at $2.59 a call, this includes; booking fee, return call, G.S.T and a chunk for Phone Australia and Telstra... Call cost $2.59, higher from mobile phones and payphones, Phone Aust.

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